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Relocation Services

Applying for Swiss residency & working permits


Each year, several thousand foreign nationals make the decision to relocate to Switzerland. Their motivation is often a higher quality of life and more favorable taxation but can also stem from a desire to leave a type of society in which they no longer perceive economic opportunity, or even feel safe.

Emigration represents not only a legal and tax challenge, but above all a human one, hence the need to define a clear and concise relocation strategy, and to seek the involvement of experts.

We recommend starting the process by considering the following:

  • Take time to inform yourself on everything from weather to language to culture, to ensure that you will be happy in your new home.
  • Choose your Swiss canton of domiciliation in terms of general well-being and not only tax interests. Tax bills come once per year, but you have a life to live each and every day.
  • Be prepared to respect local rules in a disciplined manner so as not to put yourself or your family at financial or legal risk. Despite Swiss discretion and a strong culture of personal privacy, as a small and closely-knit country, your reputation will always precede you.


Relocation can be broken down into three distinct phases. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.


When considering whether a relocation to Switzerland is right for you and your family, we analyze a number of critical points, including:

  • Income & Wealth tax simulations
  • Searching for rental properties or properties for sale
  • Researching and arranging interviews with schools
  • Providing bespoke forecasts on cost-of-living, healthcare costs, and other critical elements


While you may visit Switzerland for a short time as a foreign national, we will help you to put down roots.

Depending on your nationality and origin, the process of applying for Swiss residency can be complex and littered with pitfalls.

Our years of experience in providing both residence and work permits to a diverse international clientele ideally positions us to give you the best chances for success.


Once you’ve had the chance to settle in, the real work can begin.

From subscribing to mandatory Swiss healthcare and comparing the market for the best offers, to finding a local gym, language course, ski or sailing club, let us show you the best our little country has to offer.

We believe in building long-lasting relationship and can help you to prepare a request for Swiss citizenship when the time is right.