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Legal Affairs

Experts which can provide clarity and guidance in numerous areas


Hutter Consulting maintains privileged relationships and retainer agreements with law firms across Switzerland, ensuring that we can provide you with reliable advice you can count on across a wide range of legal disciplines.

From traffic incidents to company creation, there are many hurdles along the road of life, and ensuring that your decisions, and the information you base them on, are above reproach, can be the difference between the success and failure of any undertaking.

For any important decisions, we strongly recommend contacting us and speaking with a trusted lawyer, to ensure that the path you choose is both safe and sustainable.

Our network of legal experts can provide clarity and guidance in the following areas:

  • General legal queries
  • Tax Law
  • Employment Law
  • Contract Law
  • Social Insurance Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Traffic Law
  • Injury and Claims Law
  • Financial Law
  • Intellectual Property Law