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Real Estate

Property sale and purchase in Switzerland & abroad


For Prospective Buyers:

  • providing access to many mortgage providers to ensure you get the best offers on the market
  • building a solid mortgage dossier
  • determining your budget and amassing funds
  • structuring tax-efficient amortization
  • providing Notaries
  • due diligence: PPE evaluation, sales contract review, electrical system conformity, building restrictions, etc.
  • providing a complete insurance package at the best cost for your new home.
  • supporting buyers in structuring their financing and obtaining mortgage offers.

For Sellers:

  • providing easy access to major international brokerage firms
  • supporting prospective buyers in structuring their financing and obtaining mortgage offers, hence ensuring the greatest chance of selling your property quickly and easily
  • legal formalities around the sale
  • providing Notaries
  • tax advice (capital gains taxes, interest deductions, early-redemption mortgage penalty deductions, etc.)
  • documentation (land registry, mortgage deeds, etc)
  • providing investment opportunities for your capital gains