MH-3« The purpose of « Hutter Consulting » ?

Making high-level skills available to companies but also to individuals to solve their issues in business management and administration in the broadest sense »

Markus Hutter, founder

Markus Hutter has an extensive background in Banking, Finance & Administration as well as in logistics management. With over thirty years of experience in the banking industry, the founder of « Hutter Consulting » has operated as Head of Accounting, Director of Administration & Finance and Director of Risk Management. Prior to establishing his consulting and services firm, he has worked in several major international banks. His language skills range from French to English, via Swiss-German and German.  

In addition to the requirements prevailing in the banking world, Markus Hutter also has broad experience in the administration of a company (eg bank) and holds a large network of experts. Each of these experts has a career as rich as the one of the founder of  « Hutter Consulting ».